Amazing Uses and Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Amazing Uses and Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil The Body Shop: Hemp Heavy-Duty Body Moisture Protector ** Solid cream instantly melts …


  1. Wow what a scam hemp seeds oil had no benificial uses it's the worst part of hemp plant you either don't know this or your scamming people to buy a product that has no benificial properties… CBD oil does, any cdb or hemp product containing hemp seeds oil is shady.. this is scientificly proven hemp seeds oil is useless…. I hope this is a lack of information cause if not you know what your doing and it's wrong.

  2. Hlo mam i use hemp seed oil on my acne prone skin but the thing is that i also have acne scar so i want to treat the scars . CAn you suggest me any organic oil which helps for scars?

  3. These products are perfect for the winter months!!!! I swim 4 times a week, and Hemp Seed Oil has been my go to moisturizer!!!! The Hemp Oil, with the eye dropper bottle, has amazing benefits!!!!💖🎃🌿 xoxoxoxo

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