1. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and my boss gave me her cbd oil to try… it instantly helped! I refuse to take anxiety medicine because it can be so addictive and makes me feel like a zombie, but the CBD oil has been a life saver !

  2. i LOve Eva! OMG, i am so happy she loves too CBD! CBD has changed my life! My wife and I are using CBD since a year now and it changeed our life! Depression , anxiety reduced a lot for her, and me the pain on my back reduced a lot, and that is life changer.
    Only issue we have is … WE LIVE IN EUROPE AND LAWS ARE RETARDED! Most of company don't ship in europe… mostly CBD flowers. Until know we found plantandhemp.com and they are on top. But these law and the lack of vision is horrible

  3. I use CBD to help me fall asleep. Except I didn't try the oil because I couldn't afford it and they come in pills but they gave me a headache. So I had to try it a different way. Let me tell you I had one of the best sleep in a long time after that. I don't have much aches and pains only during that time of the month but I really needed it to help me sleep. Sometimes I'm up until literal daybreak or some nights I would sleep all night but it wasn't good sleep so I'm a grouch the next day. I don't care what nobody says if you do have aches and pains or if you can't sleep like me try CBD at least once.

  4. You need to get at least 300-600 mg of CBD to work. Make sure you get it from a reliable source. And on a different level……you guys in deep red states where weed is illegal, keep voting for cannabis friendly Politicians! Y’all know how much Washington state and the west coast takes in from taxing it? 🌱🤑

  5. Just because a product is made with natural ingredients doesn't mean it has no side effects. We have to research instead of being naive that all "natural" products are perfect

  6. The name is terrible lol the branding is important I think she would do better with a different name. I use weed and cbd everyday so I’m curious to try skin care products with cbd and see if my skin improves

  7. Just a little FYI- CBD oil on the market is derived from hemp which has a much lower content of THC than marijuana. However, because CBD oil from hemp is not FDA regulated, THC may be present even when it’s stated on the bottle that it’s negligible amount. But technically, nobody should be getting “high” from CBD oil if it’s made the way it’s supposed to be!
    ANDDD just because it’s natural doesn’t mean that there are no side effects – there are! And there can also be other interactions for people using this along with other drugs!

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