Trying to save an outdoor marijuana garden from broad mites 2019

Please like and subscribe the garden is not looking good. Hopefully I get 1/4 of the harvest and it’s not gonna be good quality.


  1. i went back and looked at ur old video and you had it perfect. i think were u went wrong is when u left those branches hanging on the ground you know your " natural lollipopping" all that did was make a latter for them broad mites.. first your should cut the grass and mulch around your pots check out ( kaligrownbuds) you-tube. also never leave them branches down not only did it make a latter but parasites are attracted to the pheromone of leaves dying. so u also provided a lure. also lollipop before flower anything that is not going to make it to the top. please dont sell this to anyone people are ingesting this stuff. and u never spray after the first 5 days of flower. theirs no possible way to get it out now ( look up the effects of eagle 20 on your cannabis). not trying to be mean but u came out the gate like a rodeo cowboy and ended up as the rodeo clown. growing isn't for everyone but i can tell u now if you want to be completly organic and get 3k a lb follow kaligrownbuds to a tee and you will have success. i promise.. good luck

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