1. I smoked from 14-24. Daily from 16-24. I would smoke about 5-10 times a day, starting and ending my day with a blunt. I haven't smoked in about 6 months and I still have the urge to do it when I get really stressed out.

  2. I'm 21 and I have been smoking heavily for 2 years now and recently i had lsd and weed and had a terrible trip and decided never to try lsd again. The only good thing about lsd was that I was able to reflect on my life and i realised that I am wasting all my time just smoking weed. I'm only on day 2 but hopefully I can continue progressing with my life without anything holding me back now.

  3. I really don't want to stop but I don't think I can just have a little bit either. 5 years now, maybe I should try getting through just 2 weeks.. 4 days on a cruise was as long as I could go; you do stop thinking about it though anyone wondering.

  4. man was put on this earth to make clear judgement. Weed impairs far too much and interrupts good sober behavior. Moral: exercise ,good diet and discipline.
    mind over matter guys its really not that hard.

  5. its weird i have a low key molly addiction wich i think is fucking gay i used to fucking love it about a year ago but lately every time i do it when i take it i get fucking nervus and feel sick and when i take it i feel like i gotta throw up that al goes away when the effects set in ofcourse and the day after i feel so fucked up i feel super depressed and shit and im the type of person who doesnt do it for a month then buys six pills and do em in a week but i wanted to quit for a while now but every time something convinced my to do it sometimes myself and sometimes my friends so tips anyone?

  6. The the young people in here defending weed to no end.

    Wait 10 years. Come back and tell me how you feel then. I had a blast for the first 3-4 years of casually smoking. Im 24 now and i fucking hate it. Its really put a pause on my life.

  7. Okay what you people don’t understand is mostly all of you smoke without reason or make your own reason up to why you should smoke. Weather it be for your self diagnosed “depression” or whatever. Then you yourself chose to abuse it and become dependent on it. Most people I know that got their card for a actual reason never have this problem because they are using it to actually help something not because they wanna go do stupid shit while high. Don’t blame something you misused and abused on your own problems cause you can’t get your shit together. (Not saying this applies to everyone)

  8. Sounds like you had an addiction. Glad you were able to recognize it and makes the proper adjustments .

    I been consuming cannabis for about 10 years now . But it doesn’t take over my life. I’m a father husband and business owner and cannabis helps me keep my life in balance .

    Good luck in your journey .

  9. Weed really helped with my ptsd after Iraq. Eventually though, it had a stranglehold on my life where I couldn’t live without it. It was an anchor, keeping me forever stuck in one place. Quitting is hard but SO worth it

  10. Another grown man talking about his feelings on YouTube. This is how it starts they tell you it's okay to talk about your feelings as a man then boom you're full-blown pussy

  11. I haven't stopped probably won't ever, but I work so much now a career and a part-time about 13 days in 2 weeks. I used to just smoke on my downtime. Now I don't have the hankering to do so. So I may smoke maybe twice week and I can't even smoke a lot; maybe a quarter of a blunt then I am good I'm not getting any higher.

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