1. I don't get it. I literally need every single minute step detailed out. Am I putting in the front or the back, upside or down side… how do I apply the pressue with my thumbs, some close ups on the technique would be nice too.

  2. I have the one that have two sizes but when i use the bigger size i get to much space by the filter and to tight on the top, should i try putting filter on the left side instead of the right? Its a great machine, i love it except the filter issue! Thx for answers

  3. If anyone reads this you need something inside of the roller for it to work properly. If it's empty it'll get all bound up. I was trying this without weed for practice and getting all annoyed.

  4. When I put my paper into the roller it gets jammed on the raw pre rolled tips is there anyway to stop this happening I put my tip in the left side would putting it to the right stop this ?

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