Outside Movement Meditation: Troy Casey Teaches The #ZenSwing

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  1. Doing this I can feel the chi in my hands getting really high and then when i rub my hands together very fast I start to feel extreme heat that actually feels like burning and eventually painful. Have you tried that before and what are your thoughts ?

  2. Troy, who is she??? She is stunning, absolutely beautiful! I can feel so much peace on her. I hope she’s with you, because you deserve a good woman who is congruent with your thoughts and mindset. Interestingly enough, I was just showing my girlfriend this movement this morning, so I’m glad to see you doing another video on it! I’m getting ready to work out right now, so I’m going to do this for a good five minutes or so before I left. Thanks for the video the other day showing how to do this because I totally get it!

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