Trump’s War on Vaping | Intends to “Clear the Market” of Flavored Vaping Products

Facebook Stream Upload from Sept 11, 2019** President Trump said the U.S. plans to pull most vaping products from the market, citing growing concerns about …


  1. I live in Europe and recently I was discussing the goings-on in the US with non-vaping family members and friends. As soon as the heard that state officials and public health authorities are involved they completely shut down. They said that the CDC would never(!) lie to the public, trustworthy as they are they would never(!) endanger the life of hundreds of Americans and they always work for the best of the people. It's their job, for God's sake, my brother says, and I am a naive dumbhead to fall for such an obvious, stupid conspiracy theory…

    My brother is an intelligent and well-educated man (diagnosed with lung-cancer in 2018) but what the CDC did is so outrageous that normal people are unable to even give it a thought. A monstrosity like this is way beyond their imagination and simply not conceivable for them.

  2. This is Bad if President Trump bans flavored E Liquids do you know what that means the black market is going to kill alot of people ,

    Not only is that gonna happen a lot of vapors are going to go back to smoking and they're also going to die from lung ailments like emphysema OCD lung cancer the list goes on,

    I'm very upset I'm going to fight along the side of the vapors I'm one of the vapors this is bullshit

  3. I'm 69 years old and been vapeing for 8 years with NO TROUBLE. Vapeing has been the best I found in years. Everyone knows how bad smoking is, why haven't banned smoking? Big tobacco is running CDC, FDA, and our government! I don't know why they are lying and not telling everyone what is REALLY causing the problem? Someone needs to SUE the CDC and the FDA!

  4. Follow the $. This is likely just a way to reboot and control the small business vaping industry. Ban flavored e-liquids, putting the small & medium sized companies out of business, then in 12-18 months when the science is irrefutable the ban will be lifted. By that time the big drug or tobacco companies, who came late to the party, will be the only ones who can afford to quickly get products to market and pass any new stringent production quality controls. Also, having a small number of large companies in the vaping industry will make it easier for federal & state governments to regulate, and most importantly, extract high tax revenues at the rate that they were accustomed to from tobacco products.

  5. I am from UK and I can't believe this is happening in this day and age. Even worse, as trump would say the greatest country in the world, land of the free. What a laugh. Its crazy, more will die and get ill on the black market.
    U didn't worry about ur kids when u sold out to the tobacco companies in 1998, did u.
    Who sang that some, money talks.

  6. Isn't Juul big tobacco? Big tobacco prefers that we smoke and it makes them more money than vaping. Isn't it possible that Juul was purposefully marketed at children to make vaping "bad"? Even if only 35% of Juul is owned by big tobacco, it still means that a full 35% isn't really pro vaping.

  7. Playing Devil's advocate, I totally understand the argument that we might not know the long-term damage of vaping – most smokers don't get sick in the first decade.

    But,we have science showing it's at least somewhat less harmful, if not much. Not funded by BT or BP.

    When you're not even looking at the facts, and only basing policy on hysteria and propaganda… For $$$…

    Single-issue voters are more than enough to ensure he isn't re-elected. I hope he fixes this.

  8. Under statement of the day this sucks!!! This is not the right move at all!!! Not to sound self interested but I wunder how this will effect us in Canada? Keep fighting for your right to vape my American friends!

  9. Not trying to watch more lies come outta Chump's mouth! Didn't vote for his worthless lying ass anyways! "Make America great again" "I'm here for the people" "fake news" "democrats are corrupt and liars" This whole fkn system has been corrupt for decades! GTFOH! CDC & FDA are obviously corrupt as well and not fooling anyone! #willienelson2020

  10. It is now clear that Trump is a clear and present danger to the health of US citizens (in breach of his oath of office), and is only governed by (admittedly well concealed) bribes. As such,he has effectively renounced the right to the title, respect, and obedience owed to the POTUS, and by being the cause of more deaths than the attacks 18 years ago, has instead made himself public enemy number one.
    What to do when Trump has self identified as a terrorist?
    Arrest him, try himm, and jail him – along with all those who have colluded to cause all these deaths from cancer.
    US citizens have the right to bear arms, and the most pusuasive argument used to pass that amendment was that it would dissuade, and the last resort allow the citizens to remove, tyranical forms of government..
    Sadly, it now looks as if it is time to use that right.

  11. No toxicology by the CDC for these cases? I and millions of ex- smokers have never reported a problem. Who calls them e- cigarettes anymore? Kids won't lie that they vaped illegal Cannabis or nic cut with who knows what? No toxicology in the CDC's report for health professionals? They knew what was happening. Nic vapors knew. This seems libelous. IMHO

  12. I voted for trump and was going to do it again, but now how can I, he is buying into this fake news, and is making a communist type of response to a problem in our great nation.

  13. So they rather you smoke get ill and have to spend money for Big Pharma and stuff there pockets. When it comes time to vote I will place my vote for someone that stands for vaping.

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