Cannabis as Legitimate Medicine: Dr. Allan Frankel / Green Flower Cannabis Health Summit

After a debilitating illness forced him to turn to cannabis for relief, UCLA-trained physician Allan Frankel shifted his focus (and medical practice) to unlocking the …


  1. That was incredibly good! Everything this channel produces is genuine information without stoner lore bullshit. You guys are doing a real service to cannabis in this world – thank you.

  2. What’s the best strain for pain and anxiety? I get paranoid quite easily but I found if I just keep smoking one puff every hour I don’t get too high and I can get more into me without negative effects! I really want to experiment with new cannabinoids and enjoy all of its valued parts! Than maybe I can get off the methadone and dope! Been off 3 times and relapsed but I’m close again….. hopefully! 😆

  3. Alright 1st off live your vids. 2nd is could you PLEASE try to explain to me about how to dose for ME . I know you're not spose to, but heck send it in my email then. I need help before I end up on the dark side. I can't take the pain . I have been a chronic pain patient 4. 27 years due to accident, and 5 major back surgeries with rods, plates , screws, wire cage, and a dorsal Collin stimulator. ALL that haven't helped but made worse. I am on 40 mg, of oxycontin 3x a day, 10 mg hydrocodone, 3x a day. And clonazepam 1 mg 3 x a day for past 27 years. My doctor that I have now which is a wonderful Dr and I have had a talk about the opiods and cannabis. I have been cutting myself back on the oc, and hydros, to 2 an 2 a day. . I want him to let me take the oc, and hydros, like I have been, but add cannabis that's a 3 to 1 ratio cbd thc, and he is cool about cannabis, but not about combining them because he says ,1 is he isn't familiar with it enough to do so and also afraid of losing his license, which I can understand, that's his livelihood. 2 he says I could ,,,Possibly lose my soc sec disb benefits. He has to test me periodically, and if I have the in my urine, he would have to cut me off my pain meds. I k,ow because I've tried this, that by smoking a strain I have found that is a 3 to 1, and taking only 2, sometimes only 1 oxycontin and then 2 hydrocodone and just taking 3 to 5 puffs on a joint I take my pain level from a 7 on full regiment of pain pills down to a 2 or 3 combining the way I've described. I used to smoke weed in my 20s and 30s like i would never get another joint again. But stopped when I became disabled and went on the damn pills. I also use a cbd that I get from a friend who makes it himself from cannabis, not hemp that helps with my knees, both blown out and have been in need of knee replacement 3 yrs ago. But refuse to have another surgery, that will more than likely end up like the back surgeries, all failed. I know this long, but this is my life, Possibly my death if I can't get pain under control WITHOUT having to take more pills. I'm sick of the fkn pills. I hate them. I would LOVE to be able to eventually completely get off ALL pills . Could you please recommend, advise, what ever we have to call it to keep you from getting in a crack for doing so. Man I'm begging you to please help me. I just want to know what you think I ,,, or the dog next door,,, should take to be able to relieve my pain while taking less, and hopefully soon if possible to NOT HAVE TO RELY ON PILLS. I know there is a combination of some sort to be able to relieve my pain , AND to get off ALL pain pills. I believe with all my heart that cannabis taken responsibly, and doing micro dosing or something will be of benefit to me. I know its not a majic medicine that will cure me over night. But I know also that if I could find that dosage and or strain it would make my like so much better. I just need someone like YOU that is educated and ,, well knows your shit to be ,,blunt,,, about it. That I could have a life worth living. Please I'm asking you to help me help myself. I've tried RSO. And while it does help me some, its just not doing the job. I know I'm asking a lot of you, and maybe setting my goals to high, maybe setting myself up for failure. But I just believe in my whole being that there has to be a way to use it for my life's sake. Thank you either way man , you have an awesome video that I have just subd to and will continue to support. If anyone else out there that is watching this channel has any positive info, please feel free to hit me up. Just one more thing then I will shut the fk up. But I can't smoke derives as they cause my anxiety to blow through the roof, causing me also to be I guess you would call it parinoid, over anxious, whatever it's called. Or maybe I'm just not using it right, or maybe its just that I'm not use to it. Either way, could someone help an old man out and tell me in easy to understand words what I need to do or try. I'm willing to try ALMOST anything, as long as its cannabis only, and not drug related , or illegalish. I do live in a medical state. Thank you ALL and have a blessed life. Peace, ✌

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