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  1. Got 20 people in quarantine in Memphis, Tn. area about 3 hrs from me on a main hwy east and west. It is getting closer everyday. I am in a country setting and at work, I stay in my office as much as possible. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!

  2. Been tracking the outbreak since Mid December. Definitely agree that China is not giving us the correct information, especially with all the leaked footage. Already have 1 month’s supply of food and water and continuing to stock up, since I live in a very populated area in South Florida. Been stocking up on n95 respirators, hazmats, and cleaning products as well as ammunition. Stay safe out there and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Glad to hear there are other like me who do not believe what we are being told by the media

  3. I am very fortunate. Live in rural area. Very little foot traffic at my office. Knock on wood, haven’t had the flu before. Really haven’t had a cold in several years. Same here about gym. Wished they had big exhaust fans or roll up doors. I try to be in and out in 1 hour. And yes my .40 is always by my side. Ketovore on😎

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