Hygiene Routine + Plus Size Tips⎮Things We NEVER Learned!

Highly requested hygiene routine plus my plus size tips & tricks to make life easy! Enjoy 🙂 Updated Hair Care Routine Updated …


  1. Love this video. Love self care videos and I love the products you mention. Honey pot is my favorite as well and I also love her feminine products as well. You should try her tampons and pads, they are amazing. Really love your line up, I will have to try that toothpaste.

  2. The african exfoliating net from Amazon is the bomb it cost double than than the mits, but it's less harsh, and love the colors. Also, I like the Korean exfoliating wash cloths from Amazon.

  3. Self care is SOOOO important! I have seen so many beautiful women with $500 wigs, $1200 bags, $900 shoes and $350 perfume but forget to “invest” in a $3 Dove bar or a $40 copay at the gynecologist to keep that sushi sewage scent away. I recently switched to organic products for that time and I cannot believe the changes I’ve experienced in 3 months. Great video as always

  4. Not a Tom's fan because of the taste, but it is a good product. I do use the same mouthwash.😉 Yes, that floss is like a ribbon. My dentist gives them out. I do love the Tree Hut body scrubs!

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