It's All Going to Pot! | Ep 156

Myaderm CEO Eric Smart joins the show to talk about CBD, the future of medicinal marijuana, and his company’s incredible success in the field. Support us by …


  1. I think chad is ok but Glen Beck is a shady fuck. I don't trust anything with his association. And remember, beck was one of the first never trumpers until he realized trump was gonna win and he quickly got on board because he knew Blaze TV would be dead if he remained a never trumper! I'm a conservative and smart enough to see Beck for what he is and that's a fat fuck sleezy con man and something of a cross between Jimmy Swaggert and an icky feeling wizard of oz conman. Beck even had his own jimmy swaggert tv public break down. Probably from the mental illnesses and evil that consumes him and ate him up one day where his shadyness boiled over. Beck is a disgusting fat piece of shit conman. He's a disgrace to real conservatives as well as an embarrassment to us. We lost great men like andrew breitbart and instead are left with human feces like glenn beck!

  2. I just wasted an hour of my life being conned that this is anything but an hour long commercial with Beck owning or making money off booking this advertisement.

  3. You basically just watched an hour long commercial where no doubt glenn shady beck owns a piece of this company or is making money from this farce of an episode.

  4. Basically this is one hour long commercial for this guy's company where no doubt chad is making a cut some how. Probably partial or hidden ownership. And if not chad owning some of this company, knowing how shady glenn beck is he probably owns some of this company hence the purpose of this hour long commercial masquerading as a legit episode.

  5. Austin used to be the live music capital of the world now if the music gets above so many decibels go to jail or all comes with what y'all were talking about before boumdrys and in my view it all comes down to the boomers and the "anti-establishment" men and the "burn your bra bitches 😞(pardon my language) (I couldn't wait to get my 1st one ) they took mom out of the house till by the time I was a mom we could barely afford for me to stay home it's the breakdown of the family

  6. Hi Chad the reason homelessness is so bad in Austin is because back in the '90's so many people from California were moving there because housing was so much cheaper back then now people FROM Austin can't afford to live there😞😢

  7. Let me think if I can bring read int to this weed conversation. What are “we”eD” really talking about? Kenny boat? What’s in the gravy train? 1. The riches of the land. 2. We’d the people. 3. WE DOPED the world with the dooped. 4. What chemicals are sneaking in the mr. roger’s neighborhood? 5. WE believe no weapon formed against me the people will prosper? Stop with the idiot see of lets just make up an annoying conversation for the hell of it. Our weapons backfired and hers really work. We cant handle the truth. We were caught red handed in our mocking and scoffing the gravy train, boat. NOW WE”ED look like idiots in her eyes. Well you should look at the Art of the last train to Georgia. Last call for weeeeeeeeeeee leaved. Guess what. I Am already gone. At least the kchoooooa denny boat can use sign language. Talking in the I am so losssssst suit. I am sure party time mom says cat caught your tongue I got a pic in the cloud for that. Mockers scoffer. I just realized the real meaning of two faced.

  8. Sarah Gonzales have to give her 👍👍, love your show, pain stick has thc in it, rode bulls for 30 odd years I'm 53 I think, but that stuff is from god, put on my elbows no pain great workouts

  9. I'm going to look into some CBD for my fibromyalgia. I love how informative this episode is! Thank you for bringing Eric Smart on, and please give him a personal thank you from me, if it's not too much trouble.

  10. I have gout too. The thing that worked for me was to watch what i was eating and drink a lot of water daily. Alkaline water. It helps neutralize the excess acid levels in my body. I have limited my drinking to the weekends. My weekends start on Friday…..morning.

  11. I don't know if this is even something that you'll care about discussing but us in Texas are dealing with a big ordeal here the superintendent and principal of Willis ISD is allowing a drag Queen and has allowed a drag Queen to go into the cosmetology class and indoctrinate kids while they say it's to teach make up application. One of the Conroe ISD board members is getting death threats because he is pushing against this and does not think that this is a good role model for kids. His family is also getting death threats to his wife which is a teacher and daughter that goes to that school.. They're asking this board member of Conroe ISD to resign because he is pushing against this immoral vile behavior of Willis ISD.

  12. the boss has Fibromyalgia so, I have ordered some for her to try the Myaderm. Nothing seems to work for her. She did try the CBD vape and it seemed to help but these products vary so widely in quality that she finally gave up.

  13. Funny (not) how for the last 2 years, pain docs have added cannabinoids to the naughty, you will be dismissed from the practice list if found in a UA, list. Not fair, but I guess it's either a big pharma or maybe even liability issue?

  14. I got about 8 minutes in and had to stop. I saw a self proclaimed larger supplier bashing the smaller producers in an arguably open industry. You aren't big because you're good. And you aren't good because you're big. "Good" stands alone. Buyer beware, regardless of the company "size and reputation". Love ya Chad and crew, but I can't watch a commercial against the little guys.

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