1. Believe me when i say the canadian cannabis stocks are a plague, dont touch em till things change. Nobody buys their overpriced garbage from LP shops , so their profits are going to be shit. This is because the industry got taken over by the government and big corp. There are 0 reports of profits. and they're not going to be coming. they radiate the weed, they use toxic pesticides and there have been plenty of recalls due to their incompetence, so The entire market went back underground and so have the customers. and the initial gains were hopium.

  2. Hodl is the worst strategy. Learn how to take profit and move on. I wouldn't buy MJ stocks until they start running up, ride the waves in front of you not the potential waves

  3. One of the best comprehensive and most informative analysis I have ever seen!! THANK you Dan for sharing your knowledge with us the way you do. Now its getting crunch time and your expert analysis is truly appreciated, as always. Got out alive today on tvix {small gain} focused on acb and cgc a few times then set super low orders I thought in ACB would not get filled today they were so low.. But judging by after hours I would have been 5 pennies away from a fill. A little more thought into the plays will be in order at this juncture.The Bulls need to but some bears on the injury list in a big way to ever have a chance of breaking the line there so strong. Stacked team!! But ill be we have them more worried at these levels now.

  4. Great analysis Dan. It would be fair to speculate the US mso s would be good merger targets for some of the big Canadian names. Cgc and Cron cant rely on The Canadian market alone. Wouldn't you agree Dan.?

  5. I'm not a trader, but an investor in the MJ sector as I believe in the efficacy of medical cannabis over other medications pharmaceutical industry has come up with for so many conditions many people struggle with. Today's analysis is VERY helpful. Thank you! Can you please show us some examples of 'the weekly trend change' and 'getting over the weekly exponential resistance'?

  6. Honestly it makes a lot of sense. 1st outdoor growing season just concluded and the bulk of the people that I know that smoke habitually (and even some that are only recreational users) grew their own plants. Couple that with the black market still thriving at reduced prices to the legal players (plus the crowding) and there's major disappointment. The valuations were so lofty that earnings really had to be stellar to match expectations. Doesn't help that Ontario completely botched the legalization rollout as well. Truly a bloodbath sector, glad to have cashed out long ago. Still looking to re-enter eventually but not with the way things currently look.

  7. Dan, will CGC recover to their highs in your opinion? Especially with 2.0 in the near future… I know it sounds impossible (or that’s how I feel) but when would you think this may go back to this level…1,3,5 years? Any positive comment will help my very sad state of mind. Love your videos…

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