*NEW* This Is Different but SOO Good // HEMP CRATE PRO Unboxing & First Impression Review Feb 2020

Hemp Crate Pro Unboxing & First Impression Review for February 2020 HEMP CRATE CO- **use code JUSTANNE for 15% off** …


  1. If u decide to try this box use code JUSTANNE for 15% off. I do NOT make anything off of it. It's only for u to save money💜😘 EDIT: This video got demonitized 😫 Can u please share this video.?? When a video gets demonitized they dnt send out that many notifications also what r ur thoughts on CBD products??

  2. I am so intrigued by CBD, but I never know what to buy. And I live in Nevada, where recreational weed is legal, so it's easier to go to the weed store and buy CBD WITH thc, than CBD like what is in the box. I take pain meds so I can't have thc or I risk losing my script, and from personal experience, weed only helped like 25% as much as pain meds. I think I'm going to try this box out. My dog also has separation anxiety, and was diagnosed with cancer last week. It's going to take a couple of weeks to save up the 2k it's going to cost for surgery, and she's not in pain, if it were not for the yearly checkup, we wouldn't know Anything was wrong. That's how good or normal she is acting. But I figure CBD can't hurt. I just have to divide up her doses since she's only 4.5 pounds, and 12.5 years old. But that's not that old considering small dogs, Chihuahuas can live to 20.

  3. This is something I may be interested in. Last year I was prescribed THC as a way of lower my oral meds. I have morphine pump but still have to some oral meds too. Have been tryn to come off of them for yrs now. Finally got doses really low but when I tried the THC I didn't like how it made me feel. They gave me the lowest dose with CBD combined. That's probably why I only tried weed once in college. I felt out of control. But I'm gonna look into this. I paid alot of money for that card & only used it once.

  4. I really am thankful that you did this video, I have never heard of this subscription. I am really interested in this. I suffer from a lot of pain. I have Shjrogens autoimmune disorder that attacks my joints, so ay times I can't even use my hands or can't walk from being in so much pain. I'm going to check them out. Thank you mu friend, xoxo's

  5. Why is it that all of you don’t get a post office box so don’t have to keep anyone from seeing where to send gifts, and cards to you? I think it would take one wait off you. I was going to do that but I need to IDs to do so. Anyway see you in church.

  6. I faught for CBD oil in Texas , In austin – our Governor put 2% Thc for Epilepsy patients & this year added a few other …
    This is nothing – It truly helps people …..
    Alcohol is legal & kills people daily……
    I will just say I am for legalization …hugs from Texas 💜💜💜💜
    Sadly moved from Illinois in 2009 ..now they are legal …..

  7. I have been interested in cbd for a while… I tried a gummy but it didn't do anything… But i want to learn about how it effects the thyroid.. Bc i have graves disease but rn its in remission and i am scared for it to go out of wack again

  8. I love cbd, I suffer from social anixity and I have lupus and works really well for me. I have a local shop that makes there own oil and I use it to help calm my nerves at work aka walmart!! I keep it in my vape. I been wanting to try a subscription for cubs but at the same time knowing its made right down the road I want to shop local.

  9. Hi Anne, I got my first box last month and I really enjoyed it. I still am. I have breast cancer and had surgery last week. It helped with my anxiety leading up to surgery and helped me rest afterwards. I ordered the health and wellness big box but scaled down to the small explorer box just see the difference. I’m hoping it comes soon.

  10. It’s good for animals health, and good for ours. I’ve had some and it helped me, but it was so expensive, I was just about to say I wish we could get a subscription box and right at the side of this video is UK hemp oil subscription box…..so I’m off to look. It’s good stuff. Well I went and looked Wow it is so expensive, I can’t afford that every month. I guess it would be good to get a trial, but I won’t be able to. I’ll stick with just the oil or capsules, I take it for depression, anxiety and panic attacks, but mainly for pain which I have 24/7 I have prescription morphine but I feel better using the CBD oil, the morphine makes me dizzy but in pain!!! Huggles xxxAnnxxx

  11. Hi Anne!😊 My day is going pretty good. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain all the products. Congratulations on your clean time. Thank you so much for saying that you didn't get the high from the CBD oil, I am a recovering drug user also and I have been very scared to try CBD oil because I didn't want to relapse. Have a great day.🌹🌷

  12. I have tried the gummies to see if it would help me to sleep at night as I have anxiety and it's usually worse at night so I don't sleep well at night very often. It did help me to sleep so good though but there expensive so I don't really get them very often at all.

  13. I love CBD! I have anxiety and pain in certain parts of my body and it definitely helps! I have found that the full spectrum drops are the most effective. It does have a very small percentage of THC in it so for those who do not want any THC I wouldn’t recommend getting the full spectrum. I have not used any of the creams or anything, but it all sounds good! I may try to order one of these boxes soon!

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