1. Definitely a mental health issue, as I am going through a similar time. I'm almost constantly irritated, and the weed just tapers it down to a level where I deal with the problem calmly. I hate being a slave to a substance which is why im trying to quit it now.

  2. Dude is just a brat. And this lady has like 3 adult children living in her house! She needs to make them get their own place. No father around, so that says a lot.

  3. Omg what an embarrassment! If I acted like this I'd be humiliated seeing myself being such an idiot. Seriously allowing him to get away with this behavior is doing no one any good. He needs help. I highly doubt the marijuana is his problem. Geez grow up man.

  4. He does have a rage problem and uses it to get what he wants. He's a overgrown child having a temper tantrum. I had a ex like that. He was a bully because his issues and stupidly. Ryan is just like my ex. A big bully with a temper he uses to get what he wants and uses fear and rage to get it. Tell him that and I will happy say it to his face.

  5. Spend a month withought smoking, and see if there's any difference then. If you're so confident Marijuana isn't the problem, then you would be able to do this to show there's no difference.

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