Poker Bluffing catching a Bluffer! Bart Hanson calls Ace High Big Pot

Crush Live Poker owner and lead instructor Bart Hanson deconstructs a big bluff catch with just ace high in a multiway pot facing a large bet on the river.


  1. Bart, I am not trying to be a dick, but can you do a video of the hand where you got felted by Nick yesterday. It made no sense to me.

    You 4-bet and the flop is 5 5 2. How do you not cbet that??

    And then the shove on the river made NO SENSE. Was that a bluff or for value? I would try and get to showdown with Ace high.

    Anyway, I'd really genuinely love your thoughts on that hand because most of the time I find your commentary on point.

  2. In my local 1/2 it is the nuts 100% of the time, at least two pair, and the guy will stare at the wall or he will start calling for chips or he will say "I think you're just bullying me" as he pots it, or he will say "gamble gamble" and it is the nuts.

  3. Great call, Bart. Especially against Eric – a super aggro; however. I just don't understand why Eric donk bet against PF raiser oop in multi-pot? Would this happen more often in higher level cash game? Thanks Bart.

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