"This was my first ice bath." | Wim Hof Method Experience

Ice baths can be scary. Especially if you’re doing it for the first time. In this video some participants of the WHM workshops share their experiences. ===== Want …


  1. Guys hello, I am 15 years old so its been 2 weeks that i started the Wkm Hof method.The first day i stayed just 30 seconds in the cold shower so after two weeks im able to stay 7 to 10 minutes. My qiestion is that should i keep going cuse sometimes im afraid that im going to get cold but i wanna do this thing so badly. Plz someone help me with a comment or something.Should i do the wim hof method as a 15 year old??

  2. Wim , you know you're cool , keep it cold. And you and i both know it doesn't even have to be ice cold , alls it takes is discomfort…and beyond the emotional of an irreparably cold toilet seat ( the top ) uderside leaned against ) just devoid of comfortable warmth we move in the right direction.

  3. I wanna cheer everyone on! I will be honest I won't be doing this but my reason isn't a excuse. I have RAYNAUD'S phenomenon and I just can't deal with any kind of cold temperature without a negative impact. But I do practice the breathing technique's which is like a form of meditation. It has helped tremendously and my anxiety is manageable just from learning his breathing method. Much love to all of you who tried this! Mind over matter to me refers to "How do you eat a whale"

  4. I am sure Wim is a great man. People just get carried away with his program. Yes, the cold has health benefits. His program in no way gives you special power over your nervous system. If you understand physiology you will realize that we do this all the time. If you can hold a sneeze you have control of your nervous system. The virus he apparently overcame with his Tumo, well sorry bad news again. Your body does that naturally anyway. It’s still a good program though. Just not superhuman sorry!

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